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Telemarketing services

Do you want sales appointments with qualified leads? Would you rather focus on closing the lead and signing up the client? We help companies get qualified appointments. All you have to do is to show up for the appointment, close the lead and make them your customer. Grow your business quickly. Our list of telemarketing services include

Appointment setting

We specialize in B2B appointment setting service. Here is how our process works. We conduct a one day assessment and call your leads to understand your proposition and understand your requirements. After the one day assessment our telemarketing team takes over to start pumping appointments into your calendar. We set hundreds of appointments in the US, UK, Australia to - North America or Canada and the US, UK… etc. We help companies from several industries and of all sizes.

Data cleansing

Are you are looking to update your data? We can help you. We cleanse all forms of data including names, phone numbers, email address, postal address, website address, decision maker name etc. We use several innovative data cleansing techniques. This helps us achieve a high percentage of cleaner data.

Lead generation

Good quality lead generation is a critical requirement for a successful sales process. We understand the importance and that’s why we use several distinct techniques for sales lead generation. We also do specialty lead generations cleansing tasks such as finding the people’s connections using LinkedIn and other social networking websites. This gives your sales team a much better set of leads to work with.

Benefits of using our telemarketing service

  • Chance to quickly tap years of telemarketing expertise
  • Create multiple selling opportunities for your sales team
  • Fixed price and flexible agreements

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