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SEO & SEM Services

Do you think that having a professional Website will bring in sales? This is a popular misconception. Without having the site show up in google you will not get any users visiting the Website. Our experts can make your Website rank higher in google. Let us help you generate targeted traffic & sales.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts have complete knowledge of optimizing your website to get top organic results in google, yahoo and bing (Search Engine Result Page & Search Engine Result Position). We follow search engine guidelines to optimize & rank your website.

Our SEO tasks include

  • Analyzing your website with various tools & techniques
  • Generate a list of keywords & send it to you for approval
  • Analyze your website with the list of approved keywords & suggest changes to be made on every page
  • Modify Title, Description & Alt tags on the pages that are to be optimized
  • Run report of how your website is viewed by search crawlers
  • Once we are satisfied that the Website is perfect, we will manually submit the website to different search engines & directories and closely monitor the inclusion of the pages in the search index
  • Start link exchange campaign to get inbound links, to increase the search rank, page rank & traffic
  • Analyze the reports & iterate to bring you maximum results

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Our search engine marketing staff can get you targeted traffic & sales instantly with sponsored pay per click placements on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Our SEM services include

  • Keyword research - Broad, Phrase and Exact Match
  • Identify negative keywords, negative phrases
  • Ad group negative and campaign negatives & update them everyday
  • Split keywords into small & focused ad groups
  • Ad content writing
  • Identify better performing ads & improve on them
  • Identify competitors and analyze their better performing ads
  • Closely monitor the keywords performance, add new negatives and keywords based on reports, and modify ads content based on the performance.
  • Configure conversion codes, create funnels.
  • Improve CTR & Conversion
  • Recycle the process, generate new keywords & build more targeted traffic
  • Incrementally outperform your competition